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MIGLOT Scent Diffuser including 3 Scent Bricks

“When design meets perfume. A fragrant piece of furniture.”
Beautiful, effective, environmentally friendly and discreet

The MIGLOT Scent Diffuser is the ideal way to perfume your environment in style. We chose for a system of ventilation and upcycled wooden blocks (leftovers from an Italian furniture atelier), which are steeped in scents.


By avoiding solvents or combustion, this is a particularly air-friendly way to perfume your interior. The quality of the fragrance remains intact because heating or evaporation is avoided.

The device is constructed from environmentally friendly sustainable materials. For example, the wooden casing of the appliance comes from the wood residues of an Italian furniture factory, which means that no appliance looks exactly the same.
Create a comfortable and stimulating environment. Perfume your spaces with taste and character or according to the mood of you, your family, your guests, employees or customers. With the MIGLOT Scent Diffuser, everyone's home, office or gym can now also have its own characteristic, unique scent.


The diffuser can be placed on a bookshelf as a design piece or can be concealed discretely. Choose your fragrance and let the MIGLOT Scent Diffuser diffuse it gently, at the right time.


Now in an extra advantageous launch offer.

MIGLOT Scent Diffuser including 3 Scent Bricks

VAT Included
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  • Power supply  100-230VAC 50/60 Hz 

    Dimensions in cm (LxWxH)  16 x 8 x 6 cm

    Weight 450g

    Finish painted steel and wood


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