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MIGLOT PURE Vetiver Edition 0I

Miglot selected a quality from Madagascar, distilled in Réunion. This powerful woody scent is reminiscent of saturated wet earth after a tropical storm that is warmed up by the sun.


“Nature is the master perfumer,” says Miglot perfumer Kristof Lefebre. “We try to copy it, but we will never be able to match it. Of course there are a lot of perfumes that are built around a certain ingredient, but from an olfactory point of view they are often very far from it. So why not let our customers discover that?” Kristof has been building collections of iconic ingredients for some time. He would like to share this with his customers, who do not have access to good quality ingredients and have to limit themselves to what they think they recognize in perfume compositions. He searched and found some top qualities that are so beautiful that he thought it a shame to add anything to them. “These natural ingredients are already so rich olfactorily that you can wear them perfectly as a perfume.”


Miglot Pure is therefore deliberately a small collection in limited edition but of top quality . They are perfumes for people who are looking for something different, for perfume in its purest form, but addictive because of their exceptional quality. “It is no coincidence that they also touch people and have been used for centuries in religious rituals because of their symbolic meaning. These are fragrances that you wear for yourself, not to impress. It is a nice addition to our Discovery & Expedition Collection.”

MIGLOT PURE Vetiver Edition 0I

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