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YALO x MIGLOT Fragrance Mist


Saffron, Pink Pepper

Amber, Musk, Guaiac Wood, Cedarwood


YALO Fragrance Mist

Perfume for Body, Home and Linen


This welcoming and inspiring fragrance is distinctive and innovative and showcases the authentic character of Yalo Urban Boutique Hotel.


The Yalo Fragrance Mist is an interesting meeting of the freshness of Bergamot supported by warm spicynotes of Saffron and Pink Pepper that roll out thecarpet for the hospitality of Amber, Musk and Woodytones such as Guaiac Wood and Cedarwood.


Spray Formula Yalo in your interior or plaid, and enjoy!

YALO x MIGLOT Fragrance Mist

VAT Included
  • alcohol • aqua • parfum • t-butylalcohol• citronellol • geraniol • denatonium benzoate

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