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Smells like good vibes

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

How to use scents as moodboosters

Imagine walking to work and feeling stressed but then the smell of cinnamon coming from a bakery hits you and instantly reminds you of those apple pies your grandmother used to make on the weekends when you were little. That familiar feeling of comfort and peace flows in and overrules all your worries.

We've all experienced smelling something and almost immediately your thoughts, feelings and or behavior change. In a positive or negative way. They can affect our mind, body and environment in different ways. This is also called "aromachology", not to be confused with aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, certain scent molecules are used to create a particular therapeutic effect and the focus is on its healing properties. Aromachology is only about smelling, and not about absorbing certain substances into the blood.

Our sense of smell is more important than you might think. We underestimate how often (always and everywhere!) we are surrounded by it. Our sense of smell is the most underappreciated sense in modern Western culture. It is unfortunate that a sense that works with such sophistication has become so closed off.

Perfumer Kristof Lefebre,

founder MIGLOT Fragrance Lab

When looking at how scents play a role in our life, we see just how much it influences us. For example, we constantly smell our food to check if it hasn't gone bad yet and wether or not we should eat it or throw it out. There are several ways and reasons to incorporate different fragrances into your life. Scents can help to either positively shift or enhance your mood. Our daily lives are filled with millions of stimuli and we all long for more moments of quiet. To breathe, rejuvenate and regenerate our mind and bodies.

We quickly gravitate towards fragrances when it comes to relaxation. Burning a scented candle when cozying up on the couch or when taking a bath is something we easily do. But you can take creating your own zen-moment a step further. Introduce a new scent when you go on a holiday, take walks, follow a yoga class, ... Next time you feel stressed, spray that scent a let the calmness take over.

Besides relaxing, scents can also be use to boost concentration. One way to help you get into focus-mode is to have a specific ''work'' perfume. Use a different fragrance when working, wether it's at your home office or the office at work. Just make sure it differs enough from the scent you associate with relaxation.

We all have those moments when we feel insecure and not as confident as we hoped we'd be. Also then, scent can be your best friend. Next time when you've reached a personal goal or accomplished something great, doesn't have to be work related, put on a new perfume. This way you create your own confidence in a bottle.

Another common feeling that everyone experiences is that of missing someone. For one reason or another we don't have them close to us but we wish they were. Smelling a sweater that holds a loved ones' perfume or spraying their perfume on their birthday can immediately make them feel a lot closer to you.

Clearly, the benefits of scent go way beyond smelling nice or alerting us of possible danger. They are invisible coaches who guide us through life. The right smell can calm you down or make you feel safe and comforted, maybe even loved or in love. Others can aid you to stay focused and energised. Just by knowing how scents can help you in certain situations, they can have a beneficial impact on our overall wellbeing.

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