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Our Story



MIGLOT Fragrance Lab originated from my passion for perfume and skin care. As a pharmacist, I was intrigued by people's response to fragrances and cosmetics.


I first saw them gently smear a product on the skin to feel the texture.

Then they brought their hand to the nose to experience the scent.

And immediately after that their facial expression changed.


For example, I noticed that texture and scent have an influence on our feeling.



A good feeling makes you beautiful


That fascinated me so much that I immersed myself in aromachology and neurocosmetics.


Aromachology studies the influence of smell on our emotions, mood and behavior.

The influence of scents on your feelings lies mainly in the memories they evoke in you. For example, a perfume can make you happy, and that can also have a positive effect on your body.


Neurocosmetics capitalizes on the scientifically proven bond between our skin,
our brain and our nervous system. They are skin care products with unique ingredients that act on this neurological level. In this way they can ensure that you feel "good about yourself".


Fragrances and cosmetics therefore work hand in hand to make you beautiful.

Because a good feeling is the best cosmetic.

The MIGLOT Fragrance Lab


I dreamed of creating cosmetics and lifestyle products that make people happy and confident and make them shine.


That is why I decided to study again, at the renowned perfume school ISIPCA, affiliated with the universities of Versailles and Padova.


During my studies my idea grew further. And so my dream became a brand: Miglot Fragrance Lab.



Rediscover what makes you happy


That is the story behind the origins of Miglot. We want to make you shine with our special perfumes and products.


I hope to meet you in the Miglot Fragrance Lab
to hear your story.

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Our Journey



Travel through time with Miglot


Undoubtedly, our perfumes will bring back beautiful memories.

To special places, to good times ...


The scents in your Miglot products also intertwine with what you are experiencing now.

And so we, together with you, make your memories of tomorrow.


Take Miglot with you everywhere


Bring fragrance into your life wherever you go with our on-the-go products.

Whether you are going away for a weekend or traveling to distant beaches, whether you are sitting on a terrace or going to the gym.


Share your dreams


Are you dreaming of a new perfume for your Miglot product? We are constantly developing it in our Fragrance Lab. So let us know for sure which scent you desire. Maybe it will be in our next collection ...


Do you follow us?


Just like our range, our company is constantly on the move. For example, a Miglot Fragrance Lab may soon emerge in another European city.



You always catch the first glimpse on Facebook and Instagram.

Our World



At Miglot we make quality cosmetics and lifestyle products that are good for you.

And we do that with respect for everyone.




We develop, produce and distribute our products

with respect for people and the environment.


We do not focus on one aspect. We just do the best we can in every way. With every step we take, we pay attention to the little things that combine to make a big difference.




We don't just say that, we really mean it.


We prefer to work with sustainable, local suppliers. A concrete example? The cover of our Eau de Parfum is made of vegetable tanned leather, made in Belgium.


The Miglot products only contain the most necessary packaging. Only for a present it can be a little more of course.

Thanks to our unique production process, we only produce the products that we actually sell. In this way we prevent overproduction and waste.


Make you shine


Of course, your feeling remains the most important to us.


We would love to listen to your story.


You are always welcome in the Miglot Fragrance Lab.

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